About the Author

Khahari Discovers The Joy of Family

Evan J. Roberts

Evan J. Roberts is an author, educator, professional speaker, and mentor. For over a decade, he has mentored children, teens and adults on the real keys to success in life. He knows from personal experience that many people desire success, but desire alone is not enough. Mr. Roberts is passionate about teaching people, particularly youth, the importance of self-education, literacy, developing clarity of purpose and pursuing excellence in their endeavors.

As an author, Mr. Roberts inspires greatness. His personal mission statement, “Empowering People Now and For the Rest of Their Lives,” serves as the foundation for the literary works that he creates. His book, How to Become Influential and Highly Successful: The Young Adult Success Manual has taught countless teens to stop going through the motions in life. The principles in the book have provided teens with a motive to live with purpose and achieve the extraordinary. Khahari Discovers The Joy of Family is Mr. Roberts' new children's series inspired by his son. This book celebrates family, love, and triumph over fear. It is also Mr. Roberts' way of encouraging early literacy, especially among boys, and contributing positive portrayals of African American families in literature.

As a mentor, Mr. Roberts works directly with teens, and has a reputation for influencing positive change. He has mentoring program, Youth Empowerment Group, exposes teens to in-depth success principles, community service, charitable fundraising, and introduces them to influential community members. Below are just a few of the reasons why people enjoy working with Mr. Roberts:

  1. Authentic and Passionate
  2. Personable and Prompt
  3. Relevant and Engaging
  4. Experienced
  5. Results Driven/Effectiveness

Mr. Roberts received his Bachelor’s degree from Chicago State University and his Master’s degree from National-Louis University. He has taught and mentored youth throughout the metropolitan Chicagoland area. He currently resides in Crete, Illinois with his beautiful wife Leslie and son Gavin. Mr. Roberts provides professional programming for businesses, schools, churches, and youth organizations.

Contact him at evanroberts@influentialandhighlysuccessful.com or (708) 207-6132. Visit www.influentialandhighlysuccessful.com for updates or to join Mr. Roberts' mailing list.